12 years of relationship, two abortions and he dumped me to marry someone else – 40 year old woman cries for help


A heartbroken woman has taken to social media to seek advice concerning her relationship.

According to the woman she has dated her boyfriend for 12 years and had two abortions for him only for him to dump her to get married to someone who is pregnant for him.

Read her post below:


Dear auntie Abena
I’m 40 years old and my boyfriend of 12 years just broke up with me because he’s gotten another girl pregnant.

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We’ve broken up more than 20 times over the years but he’ll always come back and I’ll forgive him. I love him and always wanted the best for him. I shunned everyone for him and made him understand that it’s me and him against the world.

Today I’m the one crying because of a girl he met just 6 months ago. My parents always asked him when he’ll marry me but he’ll always tell me to convince them to give him time.

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Maybe he did this because I gave him an ultimatum. I’m not growing younger and after 2 abortions I wasn’t getting pregnant again and was getting worried. I told him I’ll deliver the next time I get pregnant. Maybe he thinks I’ve been affected by the abortions. I think so too
I’m not ready to let him go. He has to marry me too until I give birth

But my family says he’s fooled me enough so I should let him go. Please I’m confused. If I can’t give birth again which man will stay married to me? I’m already old and guys older than me or my age mates want girls younger than me. What should I do sis?”

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