13-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Finding Out His Crush Has A Boyfriend


A 13-year-old schoolboy has committed suicide after he discovered that the girl he was crushing on has a boyfriend.

The boy who is identified as Harry Storey prior to his death told his peers on WhatsApp that he felt like ending his life but they thought he was not serious about it.

He committed suicide that same night when Andrew, his father found his body at their home in Chilton, Oxfordshire.

Mr Storey said:

“I could not comprehend what I was seeing.”

Andrew stated he performed CPR and screamed for his wife to call emergency services. Their son was rushed to the John Radcliffe Hospital where he died three days later.

He said:

“We watched a programme where the female star had hanged herself but her friends rescued her. It made us wonder whether he had a sensationalised view of what might happen.”

“Harry was a charismatic, caring boy and sport was a huge part of his life, playing rugby, cricket and tennis. He would talk to anyone with ease and he had a natural ability to strike up a conversation, which I admired him for.

“He seemed to us to be just a normal teenager but he did have high expectations of himself. It came as a complete shock to me.”


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