The 14th Headies Award produced lots of drama and unforgettable moments and Laycon’s shoe is one of the highlights of the event.

The footwear Laycon wore to the Headies is being discussed on Twitter by viewers, and is sure to leave a lasting memory with many.

The winner of the last BBNaija show performed at the award ceremony and viewers say he gave a wonderful performance.

However, his performance isn’t what was discussed on Twitter after the show. The size of his shoe became the topic of conversation.

We never can tell if it was intentional so as to trend or he just felt cool with the shoe. See some reactions below;

Shank wrote on Twitter;

“I don’t know who you are but if Na you dey style laycon. You dey craze! Why you go give laycon donjazzy shoe?! You no fit buy him size. Laycon come be like person wey won do sack race. I don dead”

Laycons shoe becomes trending topic

Laycons shoe becomes trending topic 1


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