A newly-married 26-year-old woman is seeking advice on how to deal with her marriage and her husband’s absurd attitude.

Narrating her sad story on Facebook, the distraught lady said after they returned from their honeymoon, her husband invited his friends over to their house and asked her to have S3x with them because his S3xual fantasy is to see her have S3x with other men and cleaning up after they have left.

Read the lady’s full post below:


Good morning,

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Am a newly wedded bride aged 26 I have been married for six months now, my husband is a good man when it comes to taking care of me and the my family the issue is the time we came back from our honey moon my husband called his friends over and told them to join him in bed with us he told me his sexual fantasy was to see me having sex with other men and cleaning up after them, I didn’t want to make him feel bad I accepted and he let his friends have sex with me without protection he was there enjoying the whole show then after they were done he came and started giving me head cleaning up his friends cum with his mouth I felt bad and disgusted I thought it was going to be a one time thing he has started doing it more ine I don’t want this I talked to him about it he said its a way of spicing up our sexual life I now feel bad I can’t even use the same cups his using what shud I do I’m sure am in a dilema please help.”

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