A 19-year-old boy only identified as Christpen from Glendale in Zimbabwe has died mysteriously after sleeping with a prostitute and refusing to pay.

Rumor has it that the boy had sex with a prostitute then fled away without paying.

After two days his belly started to swell and he was unable to go to the toilet to release.

When he saw that he could not contain it anymore he went to his parents and told them what had happened.

The parents are reportedly to have gone to the prostitute’s house to try and negotiate and offered her 20 US dollars which she refused. She said she wanted 150 USD instead which they could not find to give her.

After that Christpen is reported to have urinated probably 20 liters of urine before passing on during midnight. It’s such a tragic to lose such a young life to such a horrific death with things that could have been easily avoided.

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People have turned to Facebook to express their opinions on the issue some saying they cannot prove that the prostitute was responsible for the boy’s death as you cannot pin point that it was witchcraft.

Others are also saying the prostitute should just be arrested no matter what.



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