This Is How My V@gina Looks After I Had An Abortion- Lady Cries Out For Help
worried lady

A young lady who met a guy on Facebook last year in December and they started dating is worried that the guy wants to break up with her.

According to her, she visited the guy at his place and went through his messages on his phone after she got his phone password but didn’t not tell the guy until she got to her place before she told the guy what she did.

She said since then the guy has been acting some way and that is killing her because she doesn’t know whether he is hurt for she did or he wants to cut her off.

Read her post below


Auntie Abena
I have a problem and I want you and your fuas to help me out.

There is this guy I met on Facebook mid December. We had a long chat and we plan meeting. I visited him at his place and all was cool until the day I was living. I got to know his phone’s password and I read some of his messages. I got hurt along the line because of the content of those messages. I ignored and got to my place. I told him I had assess to his phone and I read some of his messages without his knowledge.

After confessing to him I apologised and he said he has forgiven me. I realized he had coiled back so I kept on apologising for days. Now he has activated a silent mood. If I don’t call him or send a message to him, he will never do that. I approached him and he seems to be complaining as if I have done what has never happened on Earth before.

He hardly speaks to me as he used to and it now sounds like am begging for his attention and love. Is he doing all this because he is truly hurt or he is using that as an excuse to cut me off . I will be reading comments under the comments section. Thank you


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