This is the 85th time that all the franchises have gotten together to select the top up and coming, eligible players. As far as I know, this is the first time ever that it will be 100 percent phoned in, so to speak. Since the threat of COVID-19 – or as I like to call it, COVID Antonio Vargas Vargas– is still running around terrorizing the world, this year’s NFL draft will be a glorified Skype conference.

That said, the good thing is it’s still on. So, we have new NFL action to look forward to – which is a breath of fresh air, considering we are going on two full months without sports.

When and Where

The 2020 Draft was originally set for Las Vegas, Nevada. But due to the national and local #stayathome restrictions, the event has been converted into the first-ever all virtual draft. Basically, the NFL is now a Fantasy league – we’ve been doing it like this for years!


So, you can stream the draft live on FuboTV or watch it on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, or listen on ESPN Radio. The fun starts at 8 PM EST, on Thursday evening. On Friday, the picks continue at 7 PM and Saturday at Noon.

Possible First-Rounders

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All eyes are on the Cincinnati Bengals and QB stud, Joe Burrow.

It’s highly likely that the Bengals will take the-odds on favorite, Joe Burrow, he’s not the kind of player that you pass up. However, taking Burrow will do absolutely zilch for Cincinnati in the hear and now. Even with Burrow, they’ll still be a horrible team. Andy Dalton is still fairly young, and a good QB. The problem doesn’t lie at that position. It lies everywhere else. So, you have to wonder what the Bengals will do with Burrow if they select him. Will they keep on and groom him to be the future of the franchise or will they use him as trade fodder for multiple pieces that they need to be competitive within the next couple of seasons?


The Dolphins, Raiders, and Jags are three more teams to watch this draft. The Fins have more picks than anyone and the Raiders and Jags have multiple first-rounders as well.

The Dolphins

The Fins have three picks in the first round. They are literally in a position to do a complete rebuild in one draft, with 14 picks. They take the No. 5, No. 18, and No. 26 overall picks in the first round, that is unless they trade up or down the last minute.


Many mock drafts still have Tua Tagovailoa going to Miami. The whole tanking for Tua thing was real and they are not going to let a little hip fracture steer them off course. They committed hard for the first 3/4s of the season, dang it! Now, TT’s surgeon has come out and stated that Tagovailoa is not injury prone or particularly at risk. He’s been reviewed and checked up by many team doctors, including the Titans and Houston. So, with so much interest and his draft stock improving drastically after plummeting with his hip-dislocation, the Fins will likely snatch him up at No. 5.


The Fins also really need help on the O-line. So, I’m sure they’ll address that issue in the later rounds. But they may very well take a guy like Josh Jones, from the University of Houston with their final pick in the first round.


The Raiders

The then Oakland Raiders were 6th in offensive efficiency but 32nd in defensive efficiency. So, you have to imagine they’ll go big on defense and defensive special teams. Some think they’ll take directly from the LSU, for the whole first round.


Despite the defensive need, there is a lot of speculation that the Las Vegas Raiders will look for a top target and take CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma, Jerry Jeudy of Alabama, or Justin Jefferson of LSU. Personally I think they will go with a WR with their No. 12 pick.


If they don’t trade their No. 19 pick back, they may take Javon Kinlaw, the star defensive tackle out of South Carolina.


The Jags

This squad has holes everywhere … but none are more urgent – IMO– than at corner. C.J. Henderson is just the guy to fill that spot with their No. 9 pick.


The Jags had a QB dream … a couple of times. Nick Foles was a new hope. Then Minshew mania happened. Still, I think they get a late first-round QB as Foles is gone and Minshew really … is just so-so. We could see Jordan Love of Utah State get picked up by Jacksonville



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