5 co-wives organise surprise party to honour husband for 30 years of peaceful coexistence

A man from Uganda identified as Hajji Mohammad Ngobi was moved to tears after his five wives threw a surprise party to celebrate his 57th birthday and three decades of happy peaceful marriage.

The five women, Aisha Namatende, Zulufah Nampina, Sumaya Ngobi, Hajjati Lamulal Ngobi, Aminah Namukose and Sharifah Ngobi, have been married to Ngobi for a period of 30 to 10 years. Ngobi is also the prime minister of the Nagwere clan.

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According to the women, their husband had never discriminated against any of them in his treatment and ensured that he always shared all family resources equitably.

Hajjati Zulufah Nampina recalled the many instances when Hajji Ngobi was considerate in his treatment.


The surprised Hajji Ngobi shed tears as he listened to speeches from his five wives and their children.


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