Women are funny in there own way. While they fall hardly in love in some circumstances, they are good at blind folding men with words of love that never emanate from the heart. There are however, ways through which you can find out that a woman doesn’t love you despite how much and sweet she recites the words of love to you.

Here are signs she doesn’t love you even if she says she does;

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1. She brings nothing extra

Love isn’t just a thing to be conveyed by word of mouth. There should always be something extra. A woman who pretends to love you would do nothing extra. She is only about words with no actions attached.

2. She has left everything for you

Apart from the empty ‘love poems’ she fills your ears with, she leaves everything else for you such that you do the communication, love and affection, caring, support while all she has for you are just words which might not seem serious in the first place.

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3. The relationship isn’t a priority to her

Two people who truly love each other will always put their relationship first. Well, in this case, she doesn’t give the relationship the value it deserves as you do. She doesn’t make it her priority or rather she doesn’t care about whatever happens to it.

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4. She takes unilateral decisions

She doesn’t bother consulting you about things she does. Additionally, she doesn’t care how her decisions will make you feel. She simply doesn’t care whether you are okay with her choices or not.

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5. She is flirty with other men

A woman who doesn’t love you will always flirt with other men as she gives you lame and silly reasons not to feel offended. She doesn’t take your feelings and emotions as serious as she should.


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