5 signs she is only taking advantage of you


When a man is in love, he can do anything to make the relationship work. Some ladies though, notice this and begin taking advantage of their good nature.

Some of the red flag signs include:

1. You are the only one investing in the relationship

A relationship requires both of you to make things work, but if she leaves everything for you to take care of,  chances are that she is using you. She should have natural intuition to give her best in the relationship if she loves you.

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2. She cares less about you

You know she is taking advantage of you if all she does is demand care from you but makes no effort to meet your own needs. A lady will do this after noticing that you value your relationship with her so much and you wouldn’t want to lose her.

3. She never takes no for an answer

Once she notices that you love her too much, no will never be an answer for her. She will want to have her way at all times.

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4. She cancels plans with you repeatedly

If she is fond of cancelling plans that both of you have made, then, you should be on the lookout. If she loves you as you do, she can never leave you hanging or in the anguish of a cancelled date.

5. She doesn’t like to show you off as her boyfriend in public

If she is ashamed of showing you off as her boyfriend in public, you should scrap the belief that she loves you. A woman who loves you will never hide you from the public.

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