5 Signs That Shows That Your Partner Was Emotionally Abused By Their Ex


    Most people in a relationship would often confuse emotionally abused partner with the ex and a person who hasn’t gotten over their ex-girlfriends or boyfriend.

    A person who hasn’t gotten over the ex would always like photos of the ex on social media, calls the ex-often and always talks about the ex-girlfriend or boyfriend most of the time. An emotionally abused person most of the cases is over the previous relationship but in a way, it is affecting his or her current relationship.

    This should not be confused and it is good to learn how to handle your partner. Emotional abuse could be in terms of condemnation, isolation, criticism, judgment, lies, physical abuse and many other kinds of stuff that would affect the emotions of a person.

    These are the signs that he/she was emotionally abused in the previous relationship;

    Your partner may not be comfortable expressing themselves to you

    they will often not feel comfortable expressing themselves to you in terms of what they are, they do and what they feel.

    It is often due to probable criticism and lack of trust. Always be patient with your partner and try to establish trust among the two of you and you should play a major role. They will eventually open up.

    Number two is that the will always question your compliments, gestures and emotions towards them

    this is because that they would always think that your compliments or love is aimed at asking for something indirectly. Most people would always confuse the gestures as a way of asking for a favour, especially s3xual favour perhaps that was what happened in the previous relationship.

    He/she will always tell you that they are not good enough for you

    this is happening due to the fact that they were told previously that they are not good enough and so they believe so. It is important for you to make your partner feel they are safe with you.

    Most of the time they overact to small things such as being late for an hour or doing something that is suspicious or a call from your colleague.

    Learn to understand them and assure them that all is well. They often apologize for everything even if it’s, not their fault- they would always do things fearfully and apologize for a small reaction from you.

    They struggle to build a better image of themselves in order to impress you.

    Tell them that they are just as beautiful as they are and you have no problem with their body image.



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