The notion that men can not stay with only one woman has been seconded by Ghanaian actress, Kekeli Akosua as she stated emphatically that a man is not made to stay with one woman.

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Speaking in an interview with Tima Kumkum on Hitz FM’s TLN Chat Show, Kekeli Akosua asserted that it is very difficult for a man to stay with one woman adding that men naturally love to be with different women for their own personal reasons.

“There is no woman who can satisfy all the needs of a man. It’s the reason they cheat a lot in a relationship. They can never be satisfied. What he gets from girl A he won’t get from girl B and that’s the reason he has to cheat.” Kekeli Akosua told Tima Kumkum.

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“As a woman, if you get angry or jealous about your man cheating, you are only wasting your time. Men are natural cheats, so just get used to it,” she added.

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