A Plus scores Akufo-Addo 30%; says Mahama better


Founder and leader of The People’s Party, Kwame Asare Obeng  popularly known as (A Plus) has scored the Akufo-Addo government of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) 30% for its performance as a Government .

Recall, during the 2016 elections A Plus together with several celebrities campaigned heavily for the ruling New Patriotic Party and then candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

In an interview on the Mid – Morning show on Accra FM Ayekoo Ayekoo show with Nana Romeo, A Plus cited that, the NPP tagged the NDC back in 2016 as incompetent and family and friends government but they are now doing worse.

He said,“If you tell us John Mahama is doing something which is not good and that you will come and do better but you come and do worse; … You tell us John Mahama is practising a family-and-friends government and we all believed you and went and told the electorate that John Mahama is enforcing a family-and-friends regime and you came to power and introduced family-and-friends in government, it means you are someone who does not tell the truth,”

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He added that, “If you tell me that John Mahama is incompetent and one of the reasons was that he had 87 ministers and I go and campaign. You tell me to wake up at dawn to go and do door-to-door [campaigns], moving from room to room at Accra Polytechnic, entering ladies rooms and assuring them that when Nana Addo comes to power, he will reduce the number of ministers and then you come to power and you increase it from 87 to 120-plus”

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A Plus explained that, people supported the NPP in 2016 but they have failed so he will rate them low, he stated,  “We followed Nana Addo because of his knowledge, ideas and plans, so, if you come and do what the erstwhile government did, then we are disappointed in you. That is why I will give the NPP government a very low rating because ever since we came to power, it has always been a comparison between the incompetent former president and the one that we brought to do the job. That is not what we want, but to be able to say we told you [electorate] that Ghana will change when Akufo-Addo comes to power and that is what you are witnessing but that is not the case”.

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Below is the full video…

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Posted by Accra 100.5 FM on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

According to A Plus, he has even shown sympathy with the 30 per cent rating he has given the government.

However, A plus has now introduced his own “non partisan party” known as ‘The People Party’.

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