Am Worthless And Ashamed For Dating 7 Men At My Age-Slay Queen Cries Out

My Daughter Locks Herself Up In Her Room Every Two Days. I Put A Camera In Her Room And Saw Her Doing This

A 22-year-old promiscuous woman has cried out for help over her dating life.

The lady who sent a message to a relationship page, Abena Manokekane disclosed that she feels worthless because she has had 7 s-x partners at her young age.

Read the lady’s post:


Auntie Abena, Good morning, and please God bless you for your good works.
I have been a silent reader on your page for some time now, but today I’m here for help from your noble people.

My problem is I feel very worthless and ashamed of myself, looking at my age(22) and number of sex partners I have had (7) kills me deep inside.

Sometimes I break down completely and feel like ending it all. I don’t know how I got here but it seems am soo emotionally weak to the extent that I can’t say no and breakup with guys who demand for sex

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Even when deep within me I don’t want to, I end up giving in, and that has been my problem. I feel it’s too late for me to make changes.Now my biggest fear is, if I will get someone to marry me, sometimes I fear due to this I may not get a partner in future.
Anonymous pls”


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