Angry residents serve dirty bottled water to Politicians

0 has sighted a hilarious photo where angry residents served Politicians or County leaders dirty bottled water during a meeting.

Residents of Marsabit County in Kenya served muddy water to their county leaders during a meeting in protest of failure by the leaders to provide them with clean water.

The local leaders had arranged a meeting with the residents on Monday to drum up support to establish a municipality in the county.

The leaders were, however, shocked when the angry residents served them dirty water to protest the decisions by their leaders to prioritise the wrong things.

The angry residents packed the dirty water in bottles before placing them at the “high table” where the dignitaries were to occupy during the meeting.

During the meeting, the residents demanded an immediate solution to the prolonged water shortage they have been facing saying the county government has not done anything to solve the problem.

The residents said they are forced to travel long distances in search of water following its acute shortage in the area.

The politicians, however, assured them of an immediate solution very soon.

The residents have given the politicians a taste of their own medicine and we hope their water problem will be solved soon.

The viral photos have garnered several reactions on social media with many supporting the residents for their action.

See photos below: 


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