Popular highlife artiste now turned Evangelist, Papa Shee has made a controversial statement in a recent interview.

Speaking in an interview on Accra based Kingdom Plus, Papa Shee revealed that anyone who answers a phone call by saying ‘hello’ has already booked a place in Hell.

According to him, ‘Hello’ simply means ‘HELL O’ so it is not advisable to say ‘hello’ whenever you receive a phone call or make a call.

Papa Shee indicated that he answers calls by saying ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Amen’ since he knows the implication of the word ‘hello’.

“The Enemy is very crafty. You can say ‘praise the Lord, or Amen or Good morning, Good afternoon when you receive a call. Words are very powerful. The enemy is very crafty. Hello, and other words are all terms the devil has devised. Hello means ‘HELL O’.” Evangelist Papa Shee disclosed.

Watch the video below:

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  1. That’s a big lie. Replying hello to a person who have call u to check up on u isn’t a sin. Papa Shee is operating with the KUNDALINI SPIRIT from the PIT of hell. Most Ghanaian CHRISTIANS ACROSS the GLOBE NEEDS the GENUINE spiritual discernment from the HOLY SPIRIT to detect who is GENUINELY from GOD and who is not GENUINELY from GOD.

    I am Apostle SupernaturalFigure Boateng Alla-Mensah, a female In The USA.


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