Maybe. Narcotic field testing involves various ways to test for drugs, and drug test kits may be one of a kind. Narcotic field drug testing involves immediate identification of narcotic drug usage, say, within seconds. The Police department might be using a pink liquid in which they place the sample in the liquid. If it turns blue, then they could confirm narcotic usage. 

It should be noted that the narcotic field testing might not be viable evidence in the court. It may support the law enforcement officer for arresting the person, but the court accepts the drug test results from the lab.  

What is Narcotic field testing? 

Narcotic field testing is an instant drug identification process used by law enforcement agencies to identify the narcotic usage by the suspect at that time. The UNODC had put specific guidelines and procedures to maintain the reliability of the Narcotic field drug test. Only trained law enforcement professionals and narcotics laboratory personnel can use the narcotics field testing method as per the guidelines.

 How does the Narcotic field-testing work?

 There are several ways to identify drug usage in the Narcotics field drug testing. One such simplest way is spot plate testing. In this method, the officer will place the sample in the depression area of the spot plate to test for narcotics. The spot plate is usually white to identify the perception of the test’s color. The plate could be washed with water and organic solvents to prevent sample contamination.

 Other methods where the Narcotic field testing is conducted include test tubes (based on the protocol), drug test strips (for testing urine samples), and pre-measurable and pre-packaged reagents.

 How do the Law Enforcement Officers interpret the results?

 They interpret the results based on the color factors only. As previously discussed, they could have a pink liquid, and if it turns blue, then there are chances that the individual might have consumed narcotics.

 But in the case of spot table testing, it depends on the color directed to each drug. If the officer could find the particular color, he could make sure that the individual had consumed narcotics and might arrest him.

 If it comes out as negative, the officer may proceed with the second test, which should not contain any controlled material. If the officer is unsure of the result, he may send the sample to the laboratory for confirmatory results.

 Chances of false positives in Narcotics field testing

 There are moderate chances of getting false positives in Narcotics field testing. The kits used by the law enforcement officers might not meet quality standards that might lead to false positives. The officers might not be given adequate knowledge about using the drug testing kits that could lead to false-positive results.

 Field drug test results are never considered in the court for justifying the arrest. Be the result positive or negative, the sample should be sent to a licensed laboratory, and they should do a confirmatory test which can be used as evidence in the court.

 Final words

 Law enforcement officers might use drug testing kits and other methods to identify the narcotic drug presence in your system. There are chances that it might lead to false positives. It is best to keep yourself away from illicit drugs to prevent such mishaps from happening in the first place.

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