Popular Ghanaian-based Liberian singer and songwriter, Irene Logan has disclosed how she lost her step-father through a robbery shooting.

Irene revealed in an interview with Stacy Amoateng on the Restoration show that the tragic death of her step-father happened after her mother started to date on Mr. Charles Ebo Takyi and as a result, they had to move from Liberia to Ghana.

“He was a decent man. She [my mum] settled on the correct decision. She was not just considering herself; she must be with a man who will be obliging of her girl. He was great, God simply sent him exactly on schedule for us,” she said.

She also narrated how her father was shot multiple times in a robbery shooting and how he tried to protect the family as the head of the house.

“At some point between my completing school, I worked a smidgen at Citi FM. Debacle hit again at home. On Mothers’ Day, one Sunday, we were all plunking down as a family. We had gone to purchase a pizza for my mum and we were viewing a film. He heard the pooches bark around 12 PM. My father head out to perceive what was occurring. They were furnished burglars.”

 “In light of the fact that he was the main man in the house, he’s so solid and difficult. He was not going to permit them to come into the house since we heard anecdotes about them assaulting ladies… He attempts to stop them; they encompassed him and shot him.”

“I was the one in particular who saw it since I was glancing through the kitchen window. They shot him multiple times. They were concealed. As he went down, what he continued saying to them was ‘I won’t pass on yet all of you will pass on’. They shot him and ran. At the point when we opened the entryway, he was lying there in a draw of blood. My mum instructed me to support her and she said ‘God, not once more.’

“They took him to 37 Military Hospital. That was another exceptionally troublesome snapshot of our lives. He went through a half year on his back. He needed to figure out how to walk once more, his leg broke.”

She also revealed that she participated in the ‘Stars of the Future’ season 1.

“I was so irate and that outrage kind of gave me some sort of fire to accomplish something for myself. So when I heard the advert for Stars of the Future, it was around two years after this had occurred.”


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