“At 40 years you will be foolish” – Selly Galley curses a fan


Actress and TV personality Selly Galley has cursed fan who claims she has failed to give birth due to fashion & tv-shows

This comes after a fan identified as prince_bamas who commented on Selly’s post on social media saying; “40? ur wife has decided not to give birth for the sake of fashion and tv shows….how foolish a man can be at 40”.

Praye Tietia’s wife known as Selly Galley who was obviously not happy about the comments hurled insults and curses at the social media user.

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Selly Galley angrily replied; “Verily I say unto you, social media has given nonentities and unpolished immature assholes like you access to spew trash in your comments to people. At 40 years you will be foolish. You cannot and will not achieve even a quarter of what this man has achieved. Not in your lifetime I tell you and believe you me. May your disrespectful ignorant self stay with you now and forever!”

See post below;

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