Avoid nurses and teachers if you are not good in bed-Counsellor Lutterodt


Counsellor Lutterodt has stated emphatically that men who are weak in bed should stay away from Nurses, Teachers and female worship leaders.

The controversial counselor who is always in the news for his absurd assertions emphasized that such women are very strong and extremely good in bed.

He continued by saying that such women need strong men who can satisfy them and not ‘weaklings’.

He made this statement in an interview on GHone TV which was monitored by BrownGH.com.

“Nurses are good in the bedroom so are the teachers. Men who want to marry them must be strong in order to satisfy them well. The same applies to female worship leaders, they are too good and can send a man to another realm”, he said.

His assertion has caused an uproar on social media with many having varied opinions on the matter.

The outspoken Ghanaian counsellor who is noted for dishing out relationship opinions recently advised ladies to buy a gift for the man who broke their virginity because he has given them the greatest experience in life(eye-opener experience).



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