If you wake up one morning to hear I’m dead don’t cry – Ayisha Modi 
Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi has slammed a lady known as Afua Huggies who jumped into her DM to rain curses and insults on her.

Ayisha thinks Afia Schwarzenegger is behind this new assault on her using a proxy.

The lady known as Afua Huggies really attacked Ayisha in a message to her inbox.

She cursed Ayisha and said her man, Abass Sariki would never marry her.

She also said Ayisha would suffer for the rest of her life and numerous other curses.

Funnily enough, she gave no reason for her attack other than to praise Afia Schwarzenegger in a weird manner, which makes Afia a prime suspect in instigating this attack.

“Abass Sariki will never ever mary you, mark my words you will suffer for the rest of your life. May peace depart from you. May you never see the light even when you pray or fast. I curse you with the feet of Prophet Mohammed you shall always fight with your strength,” the so-called Afua Huggies fired.

“I will leave it here because I know you are tired from the beating Afia Schwar gave you. Betrayer and wanna be Ayisha henceforth no prayers of yours shall be heard by Allah. No alms nor Zakat can save your soul.” she added.

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Ayisha posted the curse and said she won’t curse her back but she pities her because she can see Afua is suffering in life.

“Are all this curses for me ? They will come and look for my trouble than later say Ayisha Is evil when I start visiting them in their dreams. You ppl should leave me alone small na nothing I get.

“God’s spokeswoman has spoken. Madam Afua how much am I owing u? Have we met? Or la chop la drop?There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict. Walk away; sweetheart the battle you are fighting isn’t with me you are fighting yourself.” she wrote.

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Ayisha added that she’s praying for Huggies.

“I can tell the thing pain u paaaa ooo. Dear Bitter person, I’m praying for u. I understand that you’re not really upset with me. I repeat, U not Really upset with me. You’re upset with ur life but taking it out on me. I understand ur bitterness and ur stupidity that’s why I’m praying for u. I won’t curse you back but I am promising u something! You see that Man , U talking about? (We both don’t have anywhere to go.

“You can go and die u all. I wish u could drink 🍺 ur own words and realize how bitter they taste.. Am an old spirit so nothing moves Me la. How can u curse an Angel Witch 🧙‍♀️?”

Ayisha could not tell the reason why the person impulsively attacked her that way, but mentioning that the person had been paid points towards her deadly enemy being behind the attack.

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Checkout Ayisha’s post below…


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