Coming from a former hardcore betting guru.

I normally don’t do this but I think someone needs to hear this.

This is an advice to anyone that may be rethinking starting this shit, to pls flee away(japa) cos this shit is a f*”king devil’s scheme to destroy you… I still regret placing my first bet. First it makes you win big, makes you think there’s actually an easy-quick way of making money after all, gives you hope and joy and later takes it back after you start loosing, which is inevitable, you start placing much more money, all your savings and later loans which you may think you can win big again and pay back but you won’t, getting you into all kinds of trouble, making you sell valuables just to pay back, gaining nothing at long last except sorrows, frustration and regrets. pls never start betting cos it’s like nothing you’ve ever done before… and If you still bet or gamble in any form pls do your best to stop before it’s too late.

Remember there’s nothing like sure odds in betting and no matter how big you win you will slowly and inevitably loose each and every penny one way or the other.

God be with us.



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