Popular broadcaster and musician, Blakk Rasta has finally revealed why he has been at loggerheads for years now with self-proclaimed dancehall king in Ghana, Shatta Wale.

According to Blakk Rasta, he has been in the bad books of Shatta Wale because he refused to play his noisy songs on radio.

“Shatta Wale got angry at me because I played only one song from the song collection he gave me.. He described me as a hater and bla bla bla.” Blakk Rasta disclosed.

“So, after that, I called him about his beef with Stonebwoy and he got angry. So, I told myself that ‘Listen, if this guy can be disrespectful, I think that we can also be disrespectful’. Of course, these were thoughts from several years back. So, I decided that I will not deal with him at all. I won’t play your songs for you to say that you gave me 100 songs and I played one. So, I left him like that.”

“And then, after some time, I wasn’t hearing from him and he wasn’t hearing from me. Then final thing; it was Ramadan time, I was fasting and was so hungry. I was driving around Avenor (Accra), and realised that there was a Corolla car coming from behind me, breaking all the traffic rules and honking. I was looking at this car from my mirror, wondering if it was carrying a sick person.”

“No knowing the car was coming for me. It came straight and blocked my car. And he was in this car with a guy I later got to know it was Ara B. He came out and started accusing me of stealing his cover album cover artwork. I called Mr Logic, who was managing him at the time, to inform him about what he did and he said I shouldn’t worry.”

“I see these things as youthful exuberance so I just let him go. I was mad and angry because I had no idea what he was talking about. I let him go and I’m happy for him. I never gave him a chance because all the songs he brought to me were noise. I don’t like dancehall, because the dancehall I know is ragga,” he concluded.

Watch the video below:



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