Bleeding during first time sekz does not make you a virgin – Social media gynecologist


Since ages, a woman’s virginity has been considered as her esteemed possession. Her virginity has stayed so much in the limelight that the orthodox thinking could even question her dignity.

This concept has also hoisted the prevalent myth that a girl must bleed on her wedding night to prove her virginity.

But is that really the case ? should we blame it on lack of knowledge or traditional beliefs

Not now, possibly it would be subject for discussion in my next write-up. has sighted series of tweets made by one, Enjoyment, believed to be an expert on the field of female reproductive organ on web blog page Twitter which suggests bleeding during first time sekz doesn’t make one a virgin.

Enjoyment, who was engaging her fellowers on the topic of virginity on Tuesday indicated that, the conception that you can determine whether or not a girl is a virgin when she bleeds during sekz because every girl bleeds during first time sekz, is untrue.

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