‘Bobolebobo’ hitmaker believes men don’t deserve to collect their own salaries


Evangelist Isaac Aning, famous for his hit-single ‘Bobolebobo’ has stirred emotions after remarking that husbands do not deserve to collect their own salaries and the monies paid them must be given to their wives to decide on how much to give them.

He proposed that every married man should have his salary paid into his wife’s bank account. Mr. Aning said he has been walking this talk, the reason for the current peace and prosperity he’s enjoying in life. And advised every man follows suit.

“Men should even change their [account] name to their wife’s names so that at the end of the month, the women will go for the money and give some to the men,” Mr. Aning stressed. He explained that, ‘‘for me, after every show, I give all the money I get to my wife to count and keep it, she gives me some if I need it.”

The ‘Bobolebobo’ hitmaker added, “I am saying this because women are very good in taking care of the family and also know the needs of the children.”

While the idea has worked for him, it may not turn out well for other marriages because not all hands are equal. And also because his narrative may only be sounding good in theory.

Source: browngh.com


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