Boyfriend fakes wedding proposal just to disgrace his girlfriend in front of her friends

0 sighted a video of a boyfriend who faked a wedding proposal just to disgrace his girlfriend in the midst of their friends.

According to the man, his anger had to do with something his woman told her friends about him. His girlfriend had told her friends that he gave her oral $ex while she was “on her period”.

In the trending video, the man could be seen on one knee with his hand going to his pocket as though to bring out a ring, with his girlfriend looking surprised and pleased.

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“She deserves it…” he said as he reached into his pocket.

However, he failed to bring out a ring, as he brought out his hand with the middle finger out in a “f*** you” sign.”

“Ladies, will you go and f*** yourself. F*** you,” he said at this point.

The woman’s friends screamed in horror. The woman, shocked, shouted at the man saying, “why would you do something like that?”

The man replied: “That’s what you get for telling your homegirls I ate you out on your period.”

Watch the shocking video below.

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