My boyfriend is loving and caring but I’m cheating on him with his friend, I don’t know why – Lady ‘foolishly’ cries

My husband served me divorce papers after an armed robber raped me in front of him & I enjoyed it – Lady

An anonymous Ghanaian lady has foolishly taken to social media to recount how she’s cheating on her boyfriend despite all the goodies the guy does to her life.

According to her in a direct message to socialite Kafui Danku on Facebook, she has dated her boyfriend for five years and is now having one child.

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She said the guy gives her everything she demands and requests. She continued that the guy is also loving, caring and every woman’s dream but she cannot stay faithful to him.

The lady said she knows nothing about what her problem is but she keeps cheating on the guy with his best friend.

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Even though the guy knows that she’s cheating, the lady said the guy still loves and cares about her.

As confused as she is, the lady told Kafui Danku to share her story on her page so that her followers can help her decide because she simply does not understand what is wrong with her.

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Check out her post below


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