Five passengers died on the spot after the cars they were travelling in were involved in a head-on collision at Gomoa Adam near Gomoa Anteadze on the Kasoa-Cape Coast highway in the Central Region.


The accident involved two passenger cars, a Ford Transit with the Registration number GS 6031- 20 and a Toyota Hiace with the Registration Number GR 5059-20.

Eyewitnesses told Adom News that, 14 people were involved in the accident, with five people dying on the spot.

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Seven persons who were in critical condition were immediately transported to the Apam Catholic Hospital for treatment. Two others have been treated and discharge.

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In an interview with Adom News, one of the survivors in the Toyota Hiace, Issah Abubakar said he boarded the car from Kasoa heading to Cape Coast and upon reaching a section of the road, he saw the Ford Transit doing a wrongful overtaking while speeding.

There was an ongoing vehicle in the opposite lane and when he tried to dodge the oncoming vehicle it was too late. This subsequently resulted in a head-on collision with the car he was riding in.

Meanwhile, Apam District Fire Commander, Adolf Ankomah Nuamah who was at the scene described the accident as one of the most horrible he has witnessed.

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Medical Superintendent of Apam Catholic Hospital, Dr Paul Acha said, the seven people who were in critical condition have been stabilised.

He noted that they need to be referred to a bigger hospital, however, no hospital is ready to admit them due to lack of space.

The deceased persons have been taken to the hospital for preservation and identification.