Bulldog Finally Explains How The Music Video Of ‘Already’ Was Shot Both In Ghana And America


Personal manager of Shatta Wale, Bulldog has in an interview explained how the music video of the “Already” song of Shatta Wale and Beyonce was shot.

Take note that Shatta Wale received massive airwave fame on the Ghanaian internet yesterday after Beyonce dropped full visuals of their music video. As many were happily congratulating the SM President,many others too were busily dragging his name in the mud, saying the video is fake or otherwise, Shatta Wale should prove when Beyonce came to Ghana to shoot the video and the location of the video. Notable among them is Pope Skinny, former member of the Shatta Movement team.

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Well,to set the record straight for clarification, Bulldog in an interview with MzGee has revealed that Beyonce never came to Ghana,however,he indicated that some part of the video scenes were shot in Ghana.

Also, Bulldog said Shatta Wale also travelled to US to complete the video shooting.Shatta Wale’s manager stressed a lot transpired in their meeting with the popular American singer.

Watch Bulldog’s discussion with MzGee below.

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