‘Celebrating 45 years is worthless without husband and kids’ – Social media user to actress Nse Ikpe-Etim


Nigerian actress Nse Ikpe-Etim turned 45 years a few days ago and as part of her celebration, she shared stunning photos of herself on her social media handle.

The actress received several positive commentaries on social media after she shared her stunning photos on her birthday.

However,a social media user has lambasted the Nigerian actress claiming that celebrating 45 years is not something an actress of her calibre should be doing.

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According to him, she shouldn’t be celebrating her new age if she doesn’t have kids and a husband.

“Happy birthday. But the questions is at 45 are you married? If yes are you with your husand?..Is your marriage intact?..Finally did you have kids for your husband?..If all this qustions are fulfilled..meaning you are a strong woman who found grace in the sight of God…but if you miss any of this questions, meaning there are still issues ahead of you and the 45 is not worth celebrating.”, he wrote

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  1. Is not good as a woman like this at the age 45yrs is not yet married. Her other friends are enjoying the beautiful of celebration with their husbands and children everyday in their lives but know that for her is just a day celebration in a year so what is most important to that.

  2. I really appreciate the comments the brother gave. Is realistic, judgement and confirmation. May you live long and give us such wonderful comments anytime. thanks


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