Popular celebrity madman, Kofi Ampofo aka Mona Mobl3 has allegedly gone back to default setting after Kofi Adomah of Kofi TV allegedly dumped him.

Mona Mobl3 got the eye of the public after his popular catchphrase Mona Monbl3 and Kofi Adomah decided to go to his rescue.

Without much ado, Kofi Adomah transformed him in a short period and made him look good as the ordinary.

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Well, in no time, a new video Browngh.com has chanced upon sees Mona Mobl3 going back to his bad old days.

Mona Mobl3 does not look good in the video and many have wondered if Kofi Adomah has stopped taking care of him.

Many have already alleged that Kofi Adomah has ignored him and any moment from now, we might see Mona Mobl3 again on the street.

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Watch the video below:

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