Children playing in a city street opened an abandoned suitcase to find the dismembered remains of a woman.

The kids made the gruesome find on the morning of Saturday, October 23, and police arrested a suspect yesterday, October 25.

Pathologists estimate that by the time the body was found, the woman had been dead for 30-50 hours.

Children playing in street find abandoned suitcase with dismembered remains of a woman

Police have not yet released the name of victim, who is understood to be a 39-year-old woman from the Russian city of Orsk, in south-western Russia.

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The Regional Investigation Department (ICR) immediately launched an investigation, with the organization’s boss Alexander Bastrykin saying that finding the killer was a top priority.

Investigators have now located CCTV footage showing a man dragging the case to where it was found. He was later identified as a friend of the victim.

A statement from the ICR said: “The body of a woman with clear signs of a violent death was found.

Children playing in street find abandoned suitcase with dismembered remains of a woman

“Based on this fact, the regional investigation department opened a criminal case, after which the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia made a decision to immediately transfer the criminal case to the central office of the department.”

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The statement also said that they had established the identity of the victim. They have not released the name but said that she was a “39-year-old resident of the city”.

The statement continued: “After the identification of the deceased, information was received about the involvement of a 42-year-old friend of the woman in the commission of this crime.

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Children playing in street find abandoned suitcase with dismembered remains of a woman

“This information was confirmed over the course of further investigation. In the morning, it was possible to establish the whereabouts of the man and carry out his arrest. In the near future, the attacker will be interrogated.”

A team from the Ministry of Emergency Situations conducted a search of the suspect’s home which revealed a meat hammer and knives. Russian news source 360 reports that the man has now confessed.

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