Cindy Ofori Sarpongs Pimples Face Sends Social Media Buzzing

The daughter of Dr Ernest Ofori Sarpong, Cindy Ofori Sarpong has come under serious bashing and trolling by netizens after her pimples face hits online.

Photos of the young lady that dropped after her traditional marriage were so beautiful and man Ghanaians kept praising her beauty.

Nonetheless, a clear view of Cindy’s face has popped up online and she looked so strange than previous pictures.

Sighting from a fast trending picture of Cindy on the local digital space, filters and all the heavy makeups applied on her face went on strike to reveal the true nature of her face.

It obvious our female celebrities tend to use make-ups in covering their real faces and when they show off their real face on rare occasions you tend to question if this is indeed the person or maybe a look-alike.

Some Ghanaians began to question why she has not worked on her face despite being a rich man’s daughter.

See photo below:

Cindy Ofori Sarpong



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