Comparing Kidi To Kuami Eugene In Terms Of Fashion Is Like Comparing Night And Day-Ace Entertainment Critic

Entertainment critic,Sally Frimpong Mann has disclosed that Kidi has a good fashion sense than Kuami Eugene.
He made this assertion in an interview on Happy FM.

According to her,kuami Eugene’s outfit at the jut held MTN Festival was a complete disaster.

She added Comparing Kidi to Kuami Eugene in terms of style of dressing is like comparing night and day.

“When you look at KiDi and Kuami Eugene, it’s like night and day,” she told Dr. Cann.

During the discussion, Kuami Eugene’s former stylist ‘Osibo’ texted in to say, “he does not allow me to dress him, so I’ve stopped.”

Not to mean any form of disrespect or hatred towards the ‘Angela’ hitmaker, Sally compared him to the legendary Michael Jackson.

“I love Kuami Eugene, his talent is remarkable, in our current generation he is our Michael Jackson,” she said.

She gave him a piece of advice.

“Let your talent match your personality, it should depict your title as a ‘Rockstar’. Go back to ‘Osibo’ or let KiDi’s stylish dress you,” she advised.



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