Controversial counsellor, Counsellor George Lutherodt is always known as an attention seeker who always passes ‘nonfa’ comments on sensitive issues just to trend and keep social media buzzing.

In his latest revelations, the self-acclaimed counsellor said that the best way a man can celebrate his wife on Mother’s Day is to use her panties as a nose mask.

In a video sighted on Instagram, Cousellor Lutherodt stated that there was no need for a man to buy a nose mask in town when his wife’s panties are laying around his home.

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The presenter tried to make him see that what he was doing was inappropriate but as usual Counsellor Lutherodt will never throw in the towel until you understand his point.

He even went further to demonstrate how to wear the panties as a nose mask in case anyone wants to try.

Watch the video below:

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