Counsel;or Lutterodt Is Not A Counsellor — Maurice Ampaw

Outspoken Ghanaian lawyer Maurice Ampaw says Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, popularly known as Counselor Lutterodt, is not what many think he is.

According to Maurice Ampaw, the controversial Ghanaian relationship and marriage expert is not a certified counsellor.

He stated that the renowned counsellor known for his controversial thoughts and as a straightforward relationship comment is forcing himself to be a counsellor.

Juxtaposing his ability to give sound counselling to Counselor Lutterodt, he said the radio and television pundit does not come anywhere close.

“No, I’m not a counsellor I did family law. It’s about family relationship, boy-girl relationship. When you read family law you’re enlightened on family issues and the flair of being a counsellor was there. I’m an expert on issues relating to intimate relationship, it makes Counselor Lutterodt small to me. He comes no close to me,” Lawyer Ampaw told First Lady of

He continued, “he [Counselor Lutterodt] is not a counsellor, mine is divine. He is just practising it. He’s forcing it but mine is God-given and when I’m speaking you’d know Maurice Ampaw has advised me.”

He went on to state why he strongly believes that he is a great counsellor than George Lutterodt even though he has no counselling background.

“I don’t think Counselor Lutterodt went to a counselling school. He has even admitted that when Ghana issued a statement, he said he is the pastoral one,” Maurice Ampaw concluded.

watch the video below:


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