Management of Eastern Regional Hospital has announced that they will avoid patients and their relatives who visit the hospital without nose mask.

According to the board, this measure is being taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to protect their clients and staff from the disease.

The Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Cardinal Newton speaking in an interview with Citi News on the sidelines of a presentation of personal protective equipment from the Ghana Bar Association, Dr. Cardinal who was worried about the level of social distance practised in the region said the hospital manufacturing some face masks for patients free of charge.

We are very much concern about social distancing here in the hospital and as such, we always ensure that patients and relatives who come here strictly observe social distancing protocols. We do not let people sit together when in the queue for consulting or any department here as it used to be those days”.

We have had a management meeting about making nose masks mandatory for all clients and family members who visit the hospital and this decision I will is in the best interest of the patients and their relatives as well as health professionals here at the hospital. You know that a lot of people come to the hospital with different conditions and in these times of Covid-19 you may never know who is infected so it is proper for us to protect our clients and their relatives”, he said.

Dr Newton added the management has manufactured nose masks which will be given to their clients and persons who visit the hospital. They are going to make sure that people adhere to the nose mask wearing directive.