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Dobble’s break up was so bad that they didn’t want to see eye-to-eye – Qwaachi

Singer Qwaachi has made an appalling revelation about defunct music group, Dobble.

Qwaachi who is one of the best friends of the duo revealed some controversies surrounding the artistes separation and how they hated themselves.

Dobble, making up of Nana Yaw and Paa Kwesi were one of the finest Highlife artistes until they went their separate ways a few years ago.

Till date, what influenced their decision to split remains unknown to many Ghanaians.

Qwaachi, speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM on Tuesday refused to bring to daylight the exact reason for Dobble’s separation, but divulged the extent the two disliked each other.

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“I didn’t manage Dobble. We had to work when they broke up came and we sat down like a family to trust issues down” He told Jay Foley, the host when he was asked why Dobble split.

“Dobble are [my] family and they will ever remain family. Last night I was with N Y at Marina Mail we sat and had a chitchat. When the separation started we had to make peace” he added

Asked what caused the separation, Qwaachi said, “that’s what I don’t know and I don’t talk about things I don’t know”

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Qwaachi added “When I heard the separation we met and at least try issues out so upon resolving issues they decided to go to the studio to try out the ‘Christy Bra o’. Then and then they were like and after the audio there was supposed to be a video”

Pushed further to disclose what brought about the sudden split

“The reason why i wouldn’t want to say this is because I can hit much that for about three years now I haven’t spoken about to them. I avoided them. Reasons ? I’m too close to the two and I don’t want one to see me with one, and one with one. They might feel when I met this, I say that and when I see that, I say this”

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Responding to a question on how bad Dobble’s split was. Qwaachi said “It was so so bad that they wouldn’t want to even see each other eyeball to eyeball. It was so so bad”

He was quick to add that he has been able to solve the issue amicably and everything is cool now.

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