Dogs are far better than men – Lady


A social media user identified as Maria Maries has compared dogs to men on her Twitter timeline which has attracted the attention of many with some singing her praises whiles others rain insult and curses on her.

According to the lady, on any given day, she will choose dogs over men because dogs are better and important than men.


In her assertion, the desire of men to chase women everywhere and not being loyal makes them be compared to dogs because dogs also jump from houses to houses hunting for women.

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She wrote;

we need to stop saying “men are dogs” cause that’s an insult to dogs please. dogs are better than men. shalom

To my fellow men out there, do you side with this young lady or you have some sense to speak in her ear drum? Drop your comment below.

See her post below



  1. Am shocked dat girls complain of guys jumping from one woman to another wat about u girls also jumping from one man to another all in the name of money.

  2. “if dogs are far better than men” it’s true, you understand that you’re also among the living creatures of the living God?

  3. You idiot, It has been seen and heard women dating male 🐕 dogs but that has not been heard nor seen of men, so always think before you talks.

  4. The UNIVERSE asserts THIS AS FACTUAL, all male’s hate to admit they CANNOT LIVE without a female; yet they complain and are serverely insecure/constantly incompetent!
    I agree wholeheartedly $$#CelebrateFinancialFreedom


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