Don’t dare reduce your d!ck, I like it when it shifts my womb – Princess Shyngle warns her boyfriend


Ghana-based Gambian Slay Queen and actress, Princess Shyngle has warned her boyfriend to not dare try to reduce the size of his d!ck because it’s her property.

The Instagram model who has been talking about how men should give women good se*x and all that se*x talk for weeks is now begging her boyfriend not to reduce her d*ck.

According to the curvaceous actress in a chat shared on her Instagram page, she hasn’t complained about the size of it and she likes it when her boyfriend shifts her womb, so he shouldn’t think of reducing it as her man claimed he is going to reduce it.

she captioned the screenshot chat with;

“Somebody should go and warn my boyfriend oh 😡😡… I’ve never complained, I enjoy the pain, I like it when he shifts my womb 😂😂😂 thats how I like it 😂😂😂😂 don’t dare try to reduce my property 😡😡😡 #justforlaughs 😂😂😂”

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