The cliché “a problem shared is a problem half solved” has overly proven to be true but gospel minstrel Empress Gifty Adorye (formerly Gifty Osei) has advised couples not to divulge their martial problems to a pastor, close friends or any family member.

Gifty Adorye (formerly Gifty Osei)
Gifty Adorye (formerly Gifty Osei)

According to her, running to pastors and others to tell your problems to is the easiest way to ruin your marriage. She indicated that the more you tell them your marital issues the more you make mistakes.

In her candid opinion, the best way to solve marital problems is to have deeper communication with your spouse.

Gifty Osei who ended her first marriage with Prophet Elisha Osei after a decade and remarried early this year to politician Hopeson Adorye told OPD on Adom FM’s Work & Happiness show that, based on her experience running to pastors, spiritual mothers and fathers will only deepen your woes.

She stressed that the more you run to people the more you make mistakes therefore you should talk to your spouse first. If you want to part ways, It shouldn’t be a fight and it shouldn’t be a yoke upon your life.

The ‘Aseda’ hitmaker intimated in a previous interview that her first marriage collapsed due to some of her friends in the gospel music industry.

She claimed those she confided in went behind to destroy her. She mentioned that the people would send false information to her ex-husband through different phone numbers. Gifty Adorye indicated that these were people who had worst marriages but went out to spoil hers.

Source : BrownGh.Com