Dr UN claims his story of impregnating 17-year old SHS girl is hype for a movie


Cunning Ghanaian musician, Dr UN has cooked one of the terrible lies in the world to cover up his story of impregnating 17-year-old Matilda.

According to him, the news surrounding him impregnating Matilda is just a strategy to market his upcoming movie.

Dr UN said that all the videos and interviews that recently went viral are part of the grand plan to hype his upcoming movie.

It is not true that I impregnated anyone”.

“I wouldn’t have gotten the confidence to come on radio to defend it because issues like this are very serious and usually discussed in private with the families involved not one that will be discussed on social media or radio,” he said in an interview.

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Dr UN continued that he knew very well that he will become the talk of town if Ghanaians hear that he has impregnated a schoolgirl.

He furthered during an interview with TV3 that the movie which has triggered all the negative news about him will be released on August 27, 2021.

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However, social media users are accusing Dr. UN of fabricating stories to kill rising issues that may lead to his imprisonment.

Reports say the 17-year-old SHS girl has granted an interview claiming that Dr. UN is forcing her to abort the pregnancy.

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