Onliners have been left talking after a photo of a 14-year-old girl with a human head inside her bag popped up.

This is really shocking. The teenage girl identified as Chidinma Iheoma from Nigeria was caught by security operatives with a human head.
According to the security operatives, the head which was detached from the deceased body and hid inside her bag made her suspicious of something bad, so they searched her only to discover a human head.

They, however, persuaded her to confess which she did, with other shocking revelations.

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She revealed that she had killed two others before this very one. When the security operatives asked her where she was sending it, she claimed she was on her way to bury the head until she was busted.
According to her,a friend cut of the head and handed it over to her to burry. The Security operatives did not take it easy on her, they gave some beating and sent her to the station.

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