The situation whereby people especially musicians fading out crave for attention in the showbiz industry to stay relevant  is gradually becoming a canker in Ghana.Fast rising artist, Andrew Commey famed Mr Drew who has never tempted to catch the attention of Ghanaians to trend in the news via unlawful means has condemned the idea saying its childish and awkward.

Answering a question in a live interview on GBC Central radio with Amansan Krakye as to whether he will sit down and plan something nasty just to trend and steal headlines just like his other colleague are doing,he said;

“Honestly I have never sat down to plan that I want to trend. I have never decided to do anything at all just to trend.

“Whatever that has happened or whatever that is happening in my musical journey is because of grace and my talent. We have never planned that today let’s do this or say this in order to trend, never.”

“Never, never will I fake my death to trend in the news. When it gets to that point then it means your talent has run out of juice,”

“It means you’ve lost it because at that point in time people are not looking out for you anymore. We’ll never get to that since the fire that is following us is hot so we will never get to that point,”


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