The law and forces in Douala in Cameroon have arrested some family members for exhuming the body of a dead relative who died of the novel coronavirus and was buried at the cemetery in Newbell Douala.

According to reports, the deceased whose name is yet to be known contracted the deadly virus and was immediately rushed to the strict health conditions where he passed away.

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The family who claimed that they had to perform certain rituals and traditions on the body before the body can be buried went back to exhume the corpse after it was being buried by the government.

The family members were intercepted by the police elements in Douala II public service police unit while they were trying to escape with the body in a vehicle.

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The body will be reburied in the cemetery.

According to research, the virus is still active in the body of a deceased patient ann can be contracted easily by anyone who comes into contact with the corpse.


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