Fantana definitely didn’t take Wendy Shay’s reply to her likely one bit, as she destroys her literally in her recent reply.

In Wendy Shay’s reply to Fantana, she said Fanta couldn’t create hits but rather creates news, and further went ahead to say in the German language that big teethes don’t make hits.

This has pissed off Fantana so bad that she has decided to go all out with her reply insulting Wendy Shay mercilessly, describing her as a man and ugly.

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She also disclosed certain secrets and lies that have been told in the RuffTown Records camp, like lying that she introduced her(Fantana) to Bullet so people would like her.

Fantana took to her Instagram page to write, “This man is mad because I went to an interview and they asked me a question and I gave an honest answer… I never insulted you! Uncle Shay, as ugly as you are , you have the nerve to talk about “ I can’t make a hit song with big teeth “ Uncle Shay.. do you have a hit song? You’re mad at me because your career didn’t even cross Togo border, or because your new song flopped? I even helped you by lying to everyone saying you introduced me to rufftown so people could like you…. and you’re still local champion like me… I’ve been doing music for less than a year… so I accept my title… but Uncle Shay , We are local champions oo😂 you spent so much time trying to bring me down, trying to make sure you ruin me , trying to stop me from becoming Fantana ! now look at you… You have million followers that you bought , and you can’t even sell out a show, you’re a wicked girl with an evil heart. next time watch your mouth and don’t insult me. FICK DICH🖕🏾”.


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