Award winning female bodybuilder and fitness trainer, Mary Nyarko popularly known as Mary Got Fit has sent out a word of caution to Ghanaian men- stay away if they are not strong enough to ‘handle them.

In an interview with SVTV Africa, Mary indicated that most often than not the men would want to try ‘macho women’ but are not sexually fit to handle.

“I’m sexually strong and so I want men who are fit. I experienced one and he told me he was tired. He later apologized, Mary stated.

Mary is a member of the Ghana Bodybuilding Fitness Association and has won awards in different competitions locally and internationally. She hopes to obtain a Pro card (professional card) soon. This ensures that she is paid for such competition.

Mary added that aside from sex, she wants a man who would understand her bodybuilding passion and appreciate her body as well.

Watch full interview below;


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