A female student has allegedly run mad because of too much reading according to a post shard online.
Read the post below,

Just today, Bossvibe got a report that a female student of the university of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) ran mad. The said student was reported to be an occupant of Akintola hostel at UNN main campus.

As at the time this publication was made Bossvibe is yet to get a detailed report about this awful occurrence but many student of this female made claims that the reason for this her madness was excessive reading and frustration.

Below are what some UNN students posted on their WhatsApp status in regards to this event:

The pressure in this school is just too much��, just this evening a girl in my hostel came back from reading since morning and started acting funny��, dear UNN lecturers have pity on us the pressure in this school is too much, jam-packed exam timetable making students work overtime…..And now this girl is acting up. I pray she gets better and write the exam she has been reading for���
A girl ran mad at Akintola hostel today cus of too much reading, i used to think all this stories of people running mad while running was fake until today….

In my next life nothing will make me apply for UNN again. This school will literally use stress to squeeze joy out of you.

Some people get exam tomorrow and them still dey pack materials give student

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