An Aussie babe has revealed her incredible weight loss transformation – and said giving up McDonald’s was a major contributor.

Cora Henderson, 22, a flight attendant from Sydney, claimed she didn’t realise how much weight she had gained before she visited her parents in Grafton.

At the start of 2020 she weighed 95kg (14st 9lb) and said her parents didn’t even recognise her.

And, it was all down to a $200 AUD (£103)-a-week McDonald’s addiction.

Cora told “When mum picked me up from the airport, she barely recognised me. She sat me down and asked me if everything was all right.

“I had suspicions I had gained weight, but I didn’t realise just how much and I was too lazy to do anything about it.

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“I’d just spend about $30 (£16) a day on Macca’s.”

Cora in gym gear

Cora, who now works in a call centre after losing her job to Covid, explained that her hectic lifestyle in the travel industry contributed to her weight gain.

But, eventually, Cora realised that the over-processed, salty and sugary foods she was devouring was what was making her unmotivated to exercise.

And, a chat with her mum caused a switch to flick on in her mind.

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Cora signed up to the gym and started doing cardio before adding in weights.

Cora before her weight loss and after
Cora before her weight loss and after (Image:

The former air hostess dropped a huge 30kg (4st 7lb) in just one year – and transformed into a blonde bombshell!

Cora also adjusted her diet by banning junk for a month and drinking only water.

She commented: “I also started to eat lots and lots of protein and vegetables and completely cut out sugar.”

With her plan working, Cora said the weight dropped off easily.

She added:“I feel so amazing now. I think the one thing people don’t realise about weight loss is that you change as a person.

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“It’s about finding yourself and while lots of people do it to look good, the main point is making sure you’re happy on the inside and fuelling your body with healthy foods.”

What a transformation!
What a transformation! (Image:

Now, Cora is happier than ever and has even gained an Instagram following of 23,700 people, @corahenderson.

She posts uplifting content about her body transformation and plenty of bikini snaps!

On Cora’s social media, fans complimented the stunner on her new bod.

One person wrote: “That’s inspiration right there.

“What progress,” added another while a third noted: “literally you’re amazing.”

A follower said: “My icon,” while an impressed pal exclaimed: “So so proud of you.”

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