Free show!! Abena Korkor goes 'naket' again on social media, says she's embracing herself — video
Abena Korkor

Former TV3 presenter, Abena Korkor is not giving up on her desire to enjoy life despite all the misfortunes that have happened to her in the past few days as she drops a racy video of herself on social media.

Abena Korkor is still dropping flesh videos on her social media handles despite her colleagues at TV3 allegedly decided to let her go following her recent attitude.

After she recently dropped some jaw-dropping photos and videos, Abena Korkor last night stormed IG with another h0t one while she $eductiv3ly danced to Beyonce’s 1+1.

Meanwhile, she made it clear this time around that she is sharing those inside videos of herself because she’s simply embracing herself.


Watch the video here.

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